Voice Drops: Lead Generation Made Simple

How Does It Work? The Answer: Simply and Effectively

Old-School “Person-To-Person” Connections… Brought Into the 21st Century With a Modern New Tool – Voice Drops!


Lead Generation and Client Acquisition SOLVED. Our new Voice Drops “ringless voice mail” technology makes landing new clients and customers truly EFFORTLESS for your business!

Voice Drops is expertly management by our seasoned in-house team. We can connect you with new leads and customers, no matter what your business or specialty. Our system has been thoroughly tested and is in use – right now – by hundreds of clients worldwide. We drive leads and customers directly to your phone, and you DO NOT share those leads with any other business – they’re yours to keep (and profit from). 

Why Voice Drops?

Voice Drops is effective and cost efficient. How efficient? Well, consider the “listen rate” for a voice mail message, compared to other outreach marketing methods. 

  • Voicemail Listen Rate: 96%
  • Text Message Open Rate: 87%
  • Live Agent Call Listen Rate: 54%
  • Voice Broadcast / Robo-Call Listen Rate: 369%
  • E-mail Ad Open Rate: 23%

Honestly, when you look down at your smartphone and it shows you’ve missed a voice mail message, you stop and listen to it, don’t you? 

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What Can Voice Drops Do For You and Your Business?

  1. Generate “Warm” Leads – Stop spinning your wheels and your wasting time talking to people who aren’t interested in your services.
  2. Get Results and a Proven R.O.I. – Tired of wondering if your marketing efforts are effective? With every Drop you will receive a detailed tracking report of the calls you generated. Want more info? You can review the audio of all the inbound calls to improve performance.
  3. Turn Key System – Up Marketing Strategies will walk you through everything: Creation and set up of your message, select a target audience and location, even selecting when you want those new leads to start calling you!
  4. Laser Focused Leads – Cast a wide net, but do it the right way! We can develop a highly customized target list by criteria such as location, age, marital status. annual income, property value – and more.  Get the customers you want – calling YOU.
  5. Time Is Money – Voice Drops does in seconds what a Sales Team does in a week. Launch a thousand “cold calls” with the push of a button

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Big Benefits of “Ringless” E-mail

Completely “Compliant”


No phone call is ever made directly to the targeted lead. The lead is not billed for the call. The phone does not ring and the network does not carry an active call.

Custom Lead List Gen

No phone call is ever made directly to the targeted lead. The lead is not billed for the call. The phone does not ring and the network does not carry an active call.

Hit Your Target


There are 328,000,000 + registered cell phone numbers in the United States. 90% of adults have a cell phone in their hand at any given moment. Now you can reach them.

Voice Drops From Up Marketing Strategies


Hello, my name is Bill Sklodowski, and I run Up Marketing Strategies, where we put high-tech tools to work for local businesses to help with marketing efforts, especially when it comes to lead generation – something every business needs.

Our aim is to become your strategic marketing and lead-gen partner, helping you and your team generate revenue and increase productivity by eliminating many traditional marketing methods that are both expensive and ineffective.

Our comprehensive digital strategy streamlines the process to deliver you “hot” leads where the only people you talk to are people who are actively interested in discussing your services and / or products.

We understand that the most valuable resource a company has is a solid lead.

Voice Drops is a powerful, effective tool that generates those leads! I’m sure you’re interested in creating more leads and customers for your business, so i’d like to offer you a free consultation phone call with me personally. We’ll talk a little about your business and your lead-gen needs…and we’ll see if Voice Drops from Up Marketing Strategies can help you. (I’ll tell you right now, I’m certain it can!)

I look forward to talking with you soon.

Bill Sklodowski
Up Marketing Strategies, LLC