Introducing: Facebook "Chat" Automation

Hands-Free Connection and Engagement With Your Audience!

“State Of The Art Messenger Tool Makes Marketing More Effective, Decreases Costs, And Generates More Sales


What if I told you that RIGHT NOW you could be getting around 20-30% more traffic, 500% more leads, and communicate with your customers in a way they ACTUALLY care to engage with… all without actually having to add anymore work to your plate and WITHOUT spending more money on ads.

We’ve found that by implementing some of the “secrets” that Facebook makes available to marketers we are able to generate around 25% more traffic from EVERY ad, our ad cost is down a whopping 40% on top of the extra traffic, we are getting leads that we can verify are 100% legit, AND we can bring our customers back into our sales funnel at any time using Messenger and email marketing…

We spent $28,999 (but who’s counting) in the last 2 months on ads with the SOLE PURPOSE of proving that ads that get comments, are more effective then ads that don’t. 

“Dude, that’s a really weird test… why would you…” 

I knew that if we could prove that engagement was the NUMBER ONE variable for making an ad productive, that our next move would be to help people guarantee their ad would get more engagement… and our test proved an OVERWHELMING success. 

When you realize how Facebook’s algorithm works… the next logical step for any marketer or business owner is to figure out how to get your ads or posts to get more engagement. 


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More engagement = More Traffic = MORE LEADS AND SALES


Simple enough right? Get people to engage with your ads or posts… and more people see them, meaning you reach people NATURALLY which increases your quality scores and you get a boatload of free viral traffic, leads, and ultimately a lot more sales…
How can we get more engagement, without having to increase our work load?
Facebook allows you, as a fan page owner, to do a LOT of really great things… but almost NEVER publicizes those abilities so few people know about them. We discovered three, incredibly powerful, what we call, “Entry points” that allow us to:
Get More Traffic From Every AD
Increase Our Engagement Making The “Social Score” Of Our Ad Insanely High!
Decrease Our Ad Cost By Getting All That Free Traffic
Grab Email Addresses ANYTIME Someone Clicks On Our Links
– Send Broadcast Style Notifications To An App Being Used By 1.3Billion People, That Delivers at 100%, And Gets Nearly 90% Open Rates!

Does This Work? … Oh, Yes!


Hello, my name is Bill Sklodowski, and I run Up Marketing Strategies, where we put high-tech tools to work for local businesses to help with marketing efforts, but on social media and in “offline” methods as well.

No one needs to tell you how powerful social media – and especially Facebook – can be in marketing your business, no matter what service you provide or product you sell. What you may not know is that Facebook’s in-house “chat” program, called Messenger, is one of the top three most-downloaded “apps” on Earth!

Virtually everyone with a Facebook account (and who do you know that doesn’t have one?) also has Messenger on their phone. It’s BY FAR the most popular chat app, and is used by your customers and clients every day – no matter the age, gender or location. (If you don’t know what a “chat app” is all about, think “text messaging” … only with pictures, sound and more.)

Unlike e-mail and other forms of communication, chat-style messages have an unprecedented “open rate.” (That means how many people actually take time to look at and read incoming messages.) Chat and text messages have open rates of over 90 percent! Compare that to typical e-mail open rates in the 10-20 percent range. And print or other traditional advertising? Who knows?

Right now, Up Marketing Strategies is offering a one-month “test-drive” of our Messenger chat system to your business…for a fraction of the regular monthly fee. Just $7.00, to be exact!   

How does it work? Simple: As your business posts to Facebook, ask for readers to “comment” on your posts. Anyone who does take a moment to comment will receive a message directly from your and your business. You give us a message you want to communicate, we’ll do the rest.

What can you send out? Anything! How about coupons, links to your website, special sale notifications…anything, really. I’ll be happy to discuss your options when you sign up for your test drive.

If you haven’t tried it yet, just click the button below and see for yourself how powerful our Messenger “automated chat” can be…and start imagining what it can do for your business!

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Using Facebook Messenger for business marketing is definitely the “Next Big Thing.” If you don’t get started on it today, your competition probably will. It’s simple, powerful, and for the fist month costs less than lunch at your favorite fast-food outlet. Find out more and get started today.

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